Marketing your business can eat up all your time, even sucking up your weekends and evenings. Where does the time go? When the deadlines pile up and it starts to feel like you’ve barely finished preparing the last content cycle before the next one begins, it can feel like you’ve got some invisible monster in your computer consuming the work you’ve done, leaving a full calendar and a blank Google Doc in its place. But it doesn’t have to be that way with a digital marketing apprentice.

digital marketing apprentice

Get digital marketing activities done without doing everything yourself.

A digital marketing apprentice takes small tasks off of your overflowing plate. This gives you the bandwidth for high-value business activities. You know, the ones that actually increase your revenues. Sign up here to find your very own apprentice.

The good news is, you’re not alone. The internet has made the demand for content a constant and consuming pressure for modern marketers. The better news is, there’s a way out for any marketer willing to take on a digital marketing apprentice.

Read on to find out how hiring an Acadium apprentice can lighten the burden of the four most time-consuming elements of a digital marketing strategy.

Content Generation

This is both the first step and the first thing you probably think about when digital marketing comes to mind. The actual creation of long- or short-form content for your business is a multi-step, multi-hour-a-week process that involves coming up with ideas, researching potential topics, researching the actual topic you’ve chosen, then sitting down to write and revise your articles.

For some, the process is exactly what they’ve always wanted, a creative outlet and a business opportunity rolled into one. For others, it’s a grim slog but a necessary evil in the battle to get the word about your services out there. Either way, generating content takes a lot of time and can wear down even the most passionate marketer.

So how does a digital marketing apprentice take the pressure off? Well, the fine students and professionals at Acadium can help with every step of the generation process. They can:

  • pitch or, at least, help you brainstorm content topic ideas
  • do the research for you and summarize their findings in easily digestible documents
  • perform interviews with interesting subjects that will form the basis of future content
  • sit down and write the actual articles

If you want, they can do all of the above, every week.

Whether you grab a digital marketing apprentice and get them to do all of your content generation or split the work with them 50/50, or any arrangement in between, many hands make lighter work. Especially in content generation.


You’ve gotten your articles written, your topic for next week picked out, but you do a read over and find what you’ve written is riddled with typos. Everyone makes mistakes, and it can be nerve-wracking to press “publish” on a post when you’re not 100% sure it isn’t going to make your entire company look sloppy and unprofessional. It’s necessary to get a second pair of eyes on it.

A digital marketing apprentice is one such pair of eyes, or at least, another person who can proofread your work. When you need peace of mind that you haven’t committed any of the worst typos, having a helper on hand is a godsend.

Search Engine Optimization

Whether it’s ensuring you’ve included enough outbound links or ensuring your article has enough mentions of your target keyword, search engine optimization (SEO) is not as straightforward as it may sound. This is true especially if you’re unfamiliar with Google’s page rank algorithms. It can take a surprising amount of thought and rewriting to get the article to still read properly while making sure it will land on top of search engine results.

This is the perfect task to give to a digital marketing apprentice. It’s not grunt work, and it requires real thought and genuine writing ability. At the same time, it won’t disrupt your work process too much. Giving an apprentice a finished article and asking them to optimize for SEO might even be a good way to test their analytical, communication, and research abilities right off the bat.

After all, if your articles aren’t being seen, it doesn’t matter how well-written or thoroughly-proofread they are. That’s why SEO is as important, if not more important, than the first two areas identified on this list.

Content Distribution

You’ve gotten your articles to exactly where they need to be. They’re primed to make your readers laugh or cry as intended, all spelling and grammar errors have been eradicated, and you expect to see them soar up the search pages thanks to your flawless SEO optimization. That just leaves distribution.

Do you have social media followers who would love to hear about your new content? Do you have influencers on deck to push your content to their followers? Are you paying to promote it on an independent platform? Do you just need as many people as possible to share it to their personal networks?

A digital marketing apprentice can help with any or all of those tasks. This is the last step and it’s often overlooked. But an effective content distribution strategy can add massive amounts of traffic to your page. Setting up a designated employee or a temporary volunteer apprentice to manage it could pay dividends for months, even years to come.

Let a Digital Marketing Apprentice Save You Time and Energy

The world of digital marketing is beset with hidden time sinks that not only make your work less efficient but cost your business money it wouldn’t otherwise need to spend. Just think of all the high-value business activities you’ll have time for when you get these off your plate.

The key to staying on top of the ever-increasing demand for digital content is to remain efficient.

If you’re one person who’s getting stretched too thin with all the marketing projects your company is taking on, a digital marketing apprentice might be a necessary addition to retain your sanity and prevent burnout. If you’re a small team of marketers that can manage the work you’ve got but finds itself consistently falling a little bit behind, a digital marketing apprentice could be the release valve you need to hit your targets more often.

Either way, an Acadium apprentice can be the difference between a tightly managed content schedule and a relentless grind, all while giving a young professional their start in an exciting industry. Become a mentor on Acadium today, and get help with your digital marketing.