A digital marketing side hustle is better than flipping shoes in our opinion

There are lots of different side hustle ideas out there from flipping trending sneakers to selling off all those things in your basement that you’ve forgotten about. Some side hustles are better than others. At Acadium, we think a digital marketing side hustle will help you gain skills that will help you in your career.

We believe in a digital marketing side hustle that will give you more than just extra pocket change. Helping a small business owner with their digital marketing may be better in the long term than selling your old furniture. Finding your next digital marketing side hustle on Acadium is a new way to build your skills and there are tons of people who can share advice on getting started.

If you are looking to flip your couch online, or sell expensive streetwear there are plenty of online communities to do that. On the other hand, if you want to gain in-demand skills and build a network that might help you find your dream job there are plenty of digital marketing side hustle opportunities online.

Where can I find a digital marketing side hustle?

These side hustles will let you work on real-life projects with real people who would benefit from your skillsets in digital marketing. Although you may not have to go online to find local businesses who would benefit from your skills in web design and marketing, many find it hard to get their first clients by going to local businesses.

Have you ever tried to pitch a local business in your area to redesign their website or manage their social media for them? We know how hard it can be to get the owner of a mom-and-pop shop to let you into their business – even if you offer to do it for free. There’s an easier way to build your online portfolio or gain more experience.

Here are 10 digital marketing side hustles available on Acadium right now that will help you kick-start your career, freelance business, or just help you gain more confidence in the skills you have.

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Learn SEO and content marketing with sports marketing agencies and coding and STEM education providers

Kyla Bolden - digital marketing side hustle opportunity 1

Kyla Bolde is the Founder at Wiz Kid Coding, one of North America’s leading Coding & STEM Education providers delivering innovative coding and digital literacy programs for kids age 3 to 18 years old. She’s looking for a digital marketing specialist who shares her company’s passion for creating online and in-person Coding & STEM learning opportunities for kids and teens.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to apply your knowledge of various marketing tools, social media channels, SEO, and marketing strategies this is the opportunity for you. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Coordinate the creation of digital content (e.g. website, blogs, press releases, and podcasts)
  • Manage, maintain and grow company social media and online presences through avenues like social media and SEO optimization
  • Establish our web presence to boost brand awareness

You can connect with Kyla here.

Rami Eatessami - digital marketing side hustle opportunity 2

Rami Eatessami is the Owner at iMAR Entertainment, an entertainment and sports marketing agency. He’s looking to mentor someone while they help him and his team build and execute their new marketing plan.

You’ll be coordinating all of their marketing channels and working with a small team that includes copywriters, a graphic designer, and a social media manager. Together, you’ll be continuously producing content that will help power both their inbound and outbound marketing channels.

Get in contact with Rami.

Turn your knowledge of social media into a digital marketing side hustle with cute dog brands and women’s fashion boutiques

Kristie Wang - digital marketing side hustle opportunity 3Kristie Wang is the Owner at Fred and Friends Co. She currently runs two small product businesses while working in marketing for her day job. She has professional career experience in social media, influencer marketing, running campaigns, managing FB ad spend, and reporting. She’s looking for help with her social media marketing and would love to teach as well! She has set up a social media calendar for her biz but would love help executing it and improving it. She’ll teach you step-by-step what she’s currently doing to schedule her posts in advance, and over time, she’d like to have another creative mind to brainstorm how to improve. This would include creating and posting stories content and coming up with great captions.

You can find and connect with Kristie on Acadium here.


Nicole Jennings - digital marketing side hustle opportunity 4Nicole Jennings is the Owner at Queen Anna House of Fashion, a leading contemporary women’s lifestyle boutique offering brands from influential fashion houses, as well as independent and emerging designers. Nicole is looking for someone to help manage her social media marketing campaigns and editorial calendars, and day-to-day activities including but not limited to:

  • Create, curate, and manage all published content (images, video, and written).
  • Monitor, listen, and respond to users in a “Social” way while cultivating sales.
  • Develop and expand community and/or blogger outreach efforts.

You can get in contact with Nicole here.

Start a digital marketing side hustle that creates captivating content

Jennifer Buchholz - digital marketing side hustle opportunity 5Jennifer Buchholz is the Owner at Excel and Flourish, an IT corporate training company. Jennifer is looking for someone to help her leverage a lot of video content that she has. You will review that content and look for opportunities to leverage it on social media, YouTube, and other avenues.

You can reach out to Jennifer here.



Felice Lazae - digital marketing side hustle opportunity 6Felice Lazae is the Owner at Sweet Spot, Inc, the parent company to many other amazing businesses. We have Sweet Spot Sounds Academy (voice coaching), Felice LaZae (singer/songwriter), The NeuroNerds Podcast, Bridging Through Bars (501c3 nonprofit), Beauty Wizardry (a beauty blog/vlog), and MUSE Collective (real estate investment firm).

Felice is looking for someone to help her with social media and email marketing for these businesses. They want to build up their social media presence as well as be more consistent with email marketing and blogging. You can find Felice here.

Take on a digital marketing side hustle redesigning a companies website

 Lia Hershkovitz

Lia Hershkovitz is the Owner at Guide Me Away, a company focused on helping people explore the world. Lia is looking for someone who would like to develop and establish their skills using social media. She has a new website (educational) that needs help with branding and awareness. You two would work together in creating a strategy and implementing it with Facebook and maybe some content writing.

You can find Lia here.

Diana Curtis

Diana Curtis is the Founder of coaching to the heart, LLC. Diana is a grief recovery specialist, educator, life coach, and speaker with a history of life-changing successes in transformational grief work. She created the “Grief Recovery Solutions” to teach as many people as possible how to grieve with grace and self-compassion.

Help her to build or updating her website to make it more user friendly, with SEO, and designs to attract viewers. You will be be given space to bring their own creativity to the project.

You can get in contact with Diana here.

Start a digital marketing side hustle by growing a podcast

Rob Swick

Rob Swick is the lead marketer at Miller Volpe while also working on his own projects (Podcast, Community Building, Virtual Summits, etc.) Rob is creating a new podcast with an online community for marketers – from the ground up. You’ll learn how to find great speakers, how to interview, and be a part of building a new brand – see the strategy and process of digital projects, how to create a podcast, an online community, more.

Get in touch with Rob here.


Mollie Mcglocklin Mollie Mcglocklin is the Owner at Sleep Is A Skill and she is on a mission to change the conversation around sleep. Sleep Is A Skill helps people optimize their sleep through technology, accountability, and behavioral change. This internship would allow you to take on being a podcast producer for The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast which interviews sleep experts, health thought leaders, and behavioral change experts uplevel & gamify sleep. They have editors who handle the audio but looking to improve the process for show notes, social media posts, audiograms, etc so that they can hit two podcasts a week.

You’ll contribute by:

  • Creating a weekly podcast copy, audiograms, and social media content
  • Gathering research & studies for long-form articles
  • Creating social media posts around sleep optimization

Get in touch with Mollie here.


Bonus: Be part of a marketing team selling organic coffee

John KempfJohn Kempf is the owner of JERF Life coffee, a virtual coffee store that sells 100% certified organic, freshly roasted specialty coffee beans in 100% compostable packaging. He’s looking to build a marketing team to manage JERF Life’s social media, conduct influencer outreach, and manage their email marketing initiatives.

You can find John on Acadium here.

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Where to find more digital marketing side hustle opportunities

Whether you’re looking to gain more experience in SEO, content marketing, social media, web design, or even podcast production there are hundreds of opportunities to choose from at Acadium. Level up your side hustles by finding more opportunities to connect with real business owners online at Acadium.com.