Looking for someone to help you get marketing work done for your business?

Meet Michelle Nicole McNabb, founder of Emenee Marketing ‘n’ Events and an expert on mentoring apprentices. If you’re a business on Acadium or are considering signing up but not sure how to work with an apprentice, Michelle is a great person to learn from.

She’s had over six successful apprenticeships on Acadium and has referred apprentices to many of her clients. She has also worked with freelancers and contractors, so she’s in the best position to compare hiring a freelancer vs. working with an apprentice.

When describing Acadium, Michelle explains that the relationships you build on Acadium are much different from other freelance platforms.

“If you’re looking for something quick and project-based, then try something like Upwork or Fiverr. If you’re looking for something more relational, then try Acadium.”

Michelle believes strongly in mentorship, something we care a lot about at Acadium. Citing that she had over 1000 hours of internship experience while completing her degree at Penn State, she knows how important it is to receive proper mentorship when starting your career.

“It’s not for you if you’re not open [to mentor] or learn how to mentor.”

The apprentices you’ll meet while on Acadium are eager to learn and help you grow your business. But they aren’t freelancers. (Editor’s Note: If you’re looking for freelancers, we can help you with that, too!)

Before she founded her own business, Michelle managed event marketing in a corporate setting. During that time, she worked with a lot of contractors and freelancers. The relationships were transactional and limited to only specific tasks you give them.

Make the Apprentice a Part of Your Team

In contrast, when mentoring an apprentice, you can integrate them into your operations to become a part of your team.

As Moe Abbas, Acadium CEO says:

“Acadium acts as a forcing function to get mentors to understand their business more deeply.”

Why is that? Because you learn best by teaching someone else.

The big benefit is:

“As someone looking for talent, [Acadium] streamlines the process.”

In Michelle’s conversation with Moe, they cover how to find apprentices who will learn what they want to while also helping you in your business.

They also distinguish between bringing on an apprentice to work on client projects versus your own brand.

Tips from a Power Mentor

In their conversation, you’ll learn:

  • Why Fiverr and Acadium are like “night and day” (07:00)
  • How to properly onboard an apprentice
  • What projects you should bring an apprentice into your business to work on
  • What tools to use during your apprenticeships
  • How to choose which apprentice is right for you and your business and,
  • Much more!

If you’re ready to level up working with your apprentices, you’ll want to listen in on their conversation.


Ready to Grow Your Business and Mentor the Next Generation of Marketing Talent?

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