We’re proud to announce that Foundr is now an education partner of Acadium!

“We chose Foundr to be an education partner because we both value empowering entrepreneurs with practical advice from in-the-trenches experience,” says Moe Abbas, CEO and co-founder of Acadium.

With this partnership, Acadium’s mentors will be able to enjoy extended free access to the leading courses in Foundr as well as get their premium courses at a discounted price.

Foundr’s subscribers, in turn, will be able to access Acadium apprenticeships at reduced rates.

Foundr is the leading global media and education company focused on delivering lessons from successful founders in the form of actionable content, including articles, podcasts, and online courses.

To date, Foundr has over 300,000 subscribers in 173 countries, and has interviewed 243 entrepreneurs to create its entrepreneurial resources.

For more details, contact:

Ariel Sit, Strategic Partnerships Lead at Foundr

Matt Winnitoy, Partnerships Lead at Acadium