Venetia Reddy was already a social media marketer when she started her apprenticeships. She had the foundation, what she wanted was growth. So she actively reached for her goals and, four apprenticeships later, she has her own booming eCommerce and marketing business.

Venetia’s story is an inspiring one, and we’re lucky that she was willing to share it with us! Here is her amazing journey: how she went from social media marketer to business owner.

Hi Venetia! Can you tell us why you wanted to do a digital marketing apprenticeship?

I started working as a full-time social media coordinator for a company in South Africa. From there, my passion for online digital marketing grew. I soon realized the world of opportunity it opened and the value it brought to every business and brand. I needed to find a way to learn more on my own time, and at my own pace.

“The apprenticeships were incredibly valuable to my professional development.”

They have definitely contributed to my portfolio and have given me the opportunity to connect with incredible mentors and entrepreneurs who I admire.

Who did you apprentice with and what skills did you gain?

I apprenticed with Stephanie Bonte-Lebair, CEO at The Empowered VoiceClaudia Kramer, Owner of Swisscultured, Ben Mariner, Founder of The Online Pastry School, and Susan Mcvea, Founder and Business Sales Coach at Susan Mcvea Consulting.

I learned more about SEO, graphic design, eCommerce, and email marketing. I also gained experience in content marketing, social media, brand creation, and marketing automation.

“All my skills have improved. I’m so much happier with the work I’ve produced and it keeps getting better.”

I’ve finally nailed down some great techniques, that I’m able to implement in email marketing campaigns and social media strategies. The skills I’ve learned and improved on definitely reflect in terms of results and lead generation.

How much experience did you have before your apprenticeship and what were your key takeaways after you completed it?

I’ve always had a knack for social media. I started getting paid for assisting with video recording and YouTube video creation in 2017 and landed my first full-time job as a social media manager in the same year. I grew in my position and worked with various companies and accounts, which gave me a good foundation; however, my skills weren’t as polished.

I wasn’t happy with my work and I didn’t see much results. Because I was the only person working on several accounts in the company’s new media department, I had no real guidance, so I felt like my creativity was being capped.

So, I branched out on my own and looked for opportunities to learn more about the industry; sharpened my skills and got better guidance.

Through the apprenticeships, I gained exposure to different audiences. My business mentors from all over the world, have shaped and sharpened my skills in advertising, creating good graphics, creating relatable content for different markets, making sales and more!

“Now, I get to apply those skills to my business, to help other brands and businesses compete and win in the digital world.”

Can you share some of your top tips for Acadium students who want to secure an apprenticeship?

  1. Choose a mentor whose brand and business you admire and love, and message them. It’s very easy to secure an apprenticeship. Message as many mentors as possible. Book a call with them and see if it’s a good fit. It’s best to write down what you want to learn and ask questions to lay out your expectations.
  2. Enjoy it. If you enjoy the relationship, you’ll enjoy the work so try and get to know as much as possible about your mentor and their business.
  3. Be consistent and committed. Provide great work for the business you work with, as it’s a representation of yourself.
  4. Enjoy the process. The apprenticeship flies by and there’s so much you can learn from your mentor’s audience and accounts. But more importantly, you have the opportunity to learn about the industry your business mentor works in. You also gain valuable social media skills at the same time. Take advantage of it.

What is your dream job?

Before starting my apprenticeships, I worked a full-time job as a Social Media Manager and Co-ordinator, whilst still pursuing my legal career. At the same time, I was really sick so I was given months of sick leave to recover. I used that time to recover and re-evaluate.

I started a side-hustle, in my spare time, I continued with my legal studies, but I also allocated time to commit to learning through my apprenticeships. This was a way for me to express my creativity, work with new people from all across the world, and challenge myself to reach new heights in the industry.

Fast forward to now, I’ve developed my business model to combine both an eCommerce store and digital agency that’s growing. I didn’t have to change my legal career path either, because I’ve learned what an invaluable skill digital marketing is, and I’ve incorporated it into my professional legal journey.

My dream is to become a media attorney.

I believe that every industry needs great digital marketing to compete and win in the digital world, and to provide a good foundation for their online estate.

What’s next for you?

I’m definitely going to continue building my skills as a digital marketer, and incorporate them into my legal career and business. I hope to meet more people that are as passionate about the industry as I am. I would love to travel more and connect with more businesses and brands to cultivate community and generate growth!

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