When businesses want to grow online they consider Facebook ads and Google ads. There are other options like content marketing, which is great for the long game, but when you need to generate leads and traffic quickly social media ads are a great strategy.

If you’re new to the digital marketing world, having experience in social media advertising is a unique skill to have. You’ll set yourself apart with experience in Facebook and Google ads.

It’s hard to learn Facebook and Google ads without actually spending some money on the platforms

It’s hard to learn how to run Facebook and Google ads without actually spending some money on the platforms. Moreover, you can only learn so much by watching videos on how to run Facebook ads or Google ads.

The best way to learn how to run social media ads is to do it for a business. Lucky for you – if you’re looking to get real-world, hands-on experience running social media ads Acadium has tons of businesses that need support in these areas.

These businesses are looking for eager apprentices, like yourself, who can jump into their Facebook and Google ads managers.

Where to gain hands-on experience with Facebook and Google ads

Here are just five of the many businesses on Acadium right now looking for apprentices to help them run Facebook ads and Google ads campaigns.

Bryan Schaefer

Bryan SchaeferOwner at Rock Star Leadership

Facebook Advertising

Posted 11/24/2020 – Published

I am launching an online training platform. I need to specifically target my audience and create Facebook Ads. I need someone with Facebook Advertising experience that can specially target my ideal customer. There may also be a need to update my Wix website.

  • Target my ideal customer on Facebook. Create audience groups.
  • Create Facebook Ads that work
  • Analyze the data and adjust as required.

Tools: Facebook Ads, Wix.

Reach out to Bryan at his Acadium profile.


Alice Smith

Alice SmithOwner at Alice Approved

Marketing & technology for startup health/wellness business

Posted 12/09/2020 – Published

Alice Approved is a health and wellness company focusing on nutrition & healthy habits to create a healthy lifestyle. Alice is the owner and Dietitian working with clients 1:1, in group settings and providing programs. Seeking help with marketing such as social media, Pinterest, Youtube, podcasting, Flodesk emails, Facebook ads, Thinkific content. Looking for someone who can help with social media posts, ideas, hashtag insights, and overall knowledge of current marketing & advertising.

  • Website design and uploading information
  • Canva illustrations, FloDesk emails & forms
  • Social media growth (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook)

Tools: Canva, Facebook Ads, WordPress.

Reach out to Alice on her Acadium profile.


Beauty GemsOwner at Beaty Gems

Facebook Ads Specialist

Posted 09/06/2020 – Published

Looking for creative apprenticeships with some experience with Facebook ads or marketing in general. You’ll be creating the ads creative, ads copy, selecting the right audience, and doing split testing until we found a winning formula. We will be in constant communication, bouncing ideas off each other. We may move also start moving advertising on Tik Tok after a month or so. Must be creative!!

  • Create ads copy
  • Split test ad sets
  • ongoing management and optimization

Tools: Canva, Facebook Ads.

Reach out to Beauty Gems at their Acadium profile.


Marilyn Marie

Marilyn MarieFounder at Madli Creative

Social Media & Google ads campaigns

Posted 09/21/2020 – Published

I am looking for someone who will work on the ads for our business. We need someone who wants to learn how to do this from the start. We are a digital agency that does websites and SEO with a focus on digital organization.

  • social media & google Creating ads
  • copy writing
  • analytics

Tools: Canva, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Adobe Photoshop

Reach out to Marilyn at her Acadium profile.


Greg Potapenko

Greg PotapenkoOwner at H-Hour Marketing, Inc.

Paid Ads specialist (FB Ads)

Posted 08/25/2020 – Published

Our Canada-based performance marketing company and e-commerce retailer is seeking a team member to oversee various campaigns on the Facebook qd platform. Prior experience an asset. The duties will involve – regularly adding ad creatives, testing and rotation – target audience research, and setup – optimizing towards a Target CPA or ROAS, meeting monthly revenue goals – creating and updating Excel models to manage bids and automate routine tasks – automating routine tasks via Rules and 3rd party tools

  • Facebook Ads creation, launching, management, and optimization
  • Analyzing campaign data and making/recommending optimization decisions based on the data
  • Other tasks as required; possibly Google Ads and Email marketing

Tools: Facebook Ads, Microsoft Excel

Reach out to Greg at his Acadium profile.


Where to get even more digital marketing experience

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