Recently, Acadium CEO, Moe Abbas was a guest on the Reshaping Education Podcast by Ish Baid discussing how the world of gaining experience and progressing one’s career is changing.

Four years of education isn’t enough to get students entry-level jobs

Moe discusses the idea of providing a new way for people to gain experience and kickstart their careers. This idea came about while working on a startup idea with a lot of inexperienced, but incredibly eager and smart interns. These interns wanted a chance to build their careers. They were stuck in the loop of needing real-world experience to get a job, but entry-level jobs were asking for two years of experience. Their university or college educations weren’t enough to set them apart

Episode description:

Modern Day Apprenticeships w/ Moe Abbas (CEO of Acadium)

Moe Abbas and I discuss project-based learning in the modern era and how Acadium is creating a new way for companies to hire and for workers to gain valuable experience.

The need for alternative ways to gain experience

Moe and Ish go back in history and explore how the modern education system prepared people for the job market back in the ’80s, but with the drastic increase in the cost of education and the credibility of degrees declining, it’s created a delta between job readiness and having a degree. Companies don’t expect four years of education to prepare students for the modern workforce. Instead, students need a master, a Ph.D., or an MBA to set them apart, all of which bury them in loan debt. Students are looking for alternatives to gain the experience they need.

The modern way to educate and prepare people for the job market

This is a story we are all too familiar with. What’s new, however, are the solutions that companies are building to address this issue. Acadium is the modern way to educate and prepare people for the job market through digital apprenticeships. Learn more about how apprentices are connecting with mentors from all over the world to help kickstart their careers.

Listen to the full podcast: Modern Day Apprenticeships w/ Moe Abbas (CEO of Acadium)

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