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As the seasons change we’re seeing more and more businesses joining Acadium. These businesses are looking to connect with ambitious professionals who are eager to start a digital marketing apprenticeship. These apprenticeships will help them grow their businesses so they’re ready for the new year.

We’re excited to highlight just a few of the awesome opportunities we’ve seen this week to help you find your next mentor!

Darian James

Darian James, Founder at Dash Activate Online

Darian James is looking for a future social media pro who is interested in a digital marketing apprenticeship with his agency.  If you are keen to learn about social media marketing you will be exposed to all the ins and outs of building campaigns at his Facebook ad agency, Dash Activate Online.  Here’s what you’ll find on Darian’s profile if you’d like to learn more about this opportunity.

Social media marketing coordinator

Looking for an enthusiastic digital marketing apprentice who wants to learn all the ins and outs of running a 6 figure Facebook Ads agency. You’ll be helping showcase our talents to the world through organic social media, blogs, and email marketing working directly with our CEO to keep new leads and existing customers engaged with posts, videos, emails, and stories. This isn’t our first apprenticeship either and we have a load of systems and processes to get you up to speed fast!

  • Planning, creating & scheduling posts
  • Blog & script writing for articles & videos
  • Coordinating content marketing emails through ActiveCampaign

Vineesh Sandhir

Vineesh Sandhir, Co-Founder at ALM Corp

Vineesh is looking to start multiple digital marketing apprenticeships to help with video creation, market research for app development, copywriting, and SEO. Here’s what you’ll find on Vineesh’s profile:

Video creation for a digital marketing agency

The apprentice will be creating videos for a digital marketing agency. The videos can be of different styles like animated, explainer videos, or other types.

  • Creating Videos
  • Script Writing
  • Video Graphics/ Animation

Market research for mobile app analytics tools

Need detailed research to be conducted on the mobile app analytics tools available in the industry. Based on that research, a marketing plan needs to be developed for a mobile app analytics tool. The format and framework for the research will be provided.

  • Market Research
  • Analysis
  • Marketing Plan Development

Copywriting expert (SEO)

Need a copywriter to write content that will help a website to rank higher for related keywords in Google. The copywriter should be well versed with different types of writing like long-form content, blog posts, articles, social media posts etc. I will provide best practices and examples of good quality content pieces.

  • Long-Form Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts

Rocio Villalobos

Start a digital marketing apprenticeship with Rocio Villalobos, Founder at Gracely

Rocio is interested in a digital marketing apprenticeship to help her grow her company, Gracely with their social media. If you’re passionate about telling stories about purpose-driven brands you’ll want to get in contact with Rocio. Here’s what you’ll find on her profile:

Social media for a purpose-driven brand consultancy

You’ll be supporting us with digital marketing for Gracely, we’re an LA based purpose-driven brand consultancy. Our angle is to put out valuable content and spotlights on purpose-driven brands, as opposed to promoting our own brand – so the content will always be fresh and interesting. You must LOVE to write, you’ll help define our social media strategy, then help write and manage our pages, while learning about brand strategy, design, and the social impact space. Give us a shout!

  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Posts & Email Copywriting
  • Social Media Management

Dionne Mischler

Find a digital marketing apprenticeship with Dionne Mischler, CEO at

Dionne is the CEO and co-founder at, the first interactive community for sales professionals. If you’re interested in joining her team and learning from a growing startup you’ll find more information on her posting below and on her profile.

We need email marketing campaigns for our tech SaaS start-up

We’re looking for someone to come in, help us with content creation, email/content marketing to our customers to drive retention, email/content marketing to our Contributor community to drive awareness, facilitation of some of our SalesClass LIVE session. Our community is primarily on LinkedIn and Facebook so we’ll also be looking for help with the digital strategy and consistency. The feedback to our platform has been extremely positive and we’re looking to grow the trend.

  • Create email marketing to drive subscribers to our site
  • Create email marketing and graphics for our Contributor community
  • Leverage Digital/Social platforms to raise awareness of the platform and how it helps people

Allen Eshmoili

Allen Eshmoili, owner at Premier Spine and Sport Rehabilitation & Wellness

Allen is the owner of Premier Spine and Sport Rehabilitation & Wellness where he helps people suffering from long-standing aches and pain regain their confidence and return to an active lifestyle. If you’re looking for a digital marketing apprenticeship where you’ll redesign a website and gain experience in UX design you can reach him at his Acadium profile and learn more about his posting below.

Looking for a digital marketing apprenticeship to help with social media and website

I am looking for someone to help me complete my website (add service pages) and increase social media presence (FB, IG, YT) which will require graphic design and video editing.

  • Update/complete website, currently using WIX but open to transferring to WordPress
  • Social media including FB/IG and starting a new YouTube channel, create content from videos/blogs
  • Graphic design and video editing (create Facebook and YouTube Covers, design and create a monthly print newsletter, Instagram/FB posts, images for blogs, edit testimonial videos, welcome videos, and YouTube videos that can then be transcribed, create a Blog with SEO)

Najeeb Khan

Secure a digital marketing apprenticeship with Najeeb Khan, Founder at Council.Club

Najeeb is the founder of Council.Club and he is looking for content creators to help him reach new audiences about how to improve remote work. You can learn more about a potential apprenticeship with Najeeb will look like at his profile as well as below.

Improve the SEO for remote work

If you want to improve your SEO skills and want to be in charge of a blog for a startup, this is it. You get to work with a second-time founder and build your skills. There’s only one spot, so apply to join!

  • In charge of blog for content creation
  • Creating 2 blog posts a week
  • Learn about Remote Work and Teambuilding

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