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Choose a membership plan that works for you

Every membership payment option includes lifetime access to our career coaching, community and updated resources.

Most popular

One Payment

Make a low-cost, one-time payment. Owe nothing when you get hired.

$2,999 $3,499


Monthly Payments

Break down your fee into monthly installments. Owe nothing when you get hired.

$299 $349

per month for 12 months. 0% interest.

All payment plans come with a 2-week, risk-free, trial period. Cancel before the third week after your start date and receive a full refund.

Start your marketing career the right way

Online Certifications

DMI, Gen Assembly, etc.

University Bootcamp

Duke, Cornell, etc.


$1,500 – $10,000

$5,000 – $30,000


Job placement

Build portfolio assets

Personal brand support

Lifetime 1-on-1 access to expert coaching and mentorship

Personalized and community support

Pay after hired option

Rated excellent based on 250+ reviews

Get hired full-time

Guarantee a path to get hired in marketing for less than $10 a day

Increase your earnings

Earn a starting salary that’s 30% above average

Invest in the environment

For every student that joins Acadium Plus we will plant a tree

In case you had any questions

  • How does the refundable trial period work?

    Our refundable trial period of 2 weeks allows students to try the Acadium Plus program with 0 risk. If a student chooses to cancel anytime within the first 2 weeks of Acadium Plus, they will be refunded 100% of their payment or have their income sharing agreement cancelled in full, with no financial penalty.

  • What happens if I cancel after the trial period?

    After the two week trial period, there is a week-to-week incremental decrease in refund amount starting at 60% of payment refund in week 3. This refund amount decreases to 40% in week 4, 20% in week 5, and 0% in week 6 and beyond. If a student cancels their membership after 6 weeks, then they will be required to pay a $500 cancellation fee.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

    We do offer scholarships on the upfront tuition and monthly payment options — stay tuned for updates on our next offering!

  • Still have questions?