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  • how to learn copywriting through acadium

    Learn copywriting with these five businesses on Acadium right now

    If you’re looking for an opportunity to hone your skills in copywriting there are plenty of businesses on Acadium right now looking for help. You’ll find businesses looking for apprentices who want to gain experience in content marketing through managing a social media calendar, publishing blog posts, or writing copy for a website. 

  • Learn web design with these 5 mentors

    Learn web design by working with real businesses on Acadium

    If you’re looking for an opportunity to add a project to your portfolio, learn more about web design, or kick-start your freelance business, these entrepreneurs are a great place to start. 

  • pad advertising mentors on Acadium

    Six Businesses on Acadium looking for help with social media advertising

    If you’re looking for a real-world opportunity to work on paid advertising on social media here are several businesses on Acadium right now looking to mentor you.

  • Moe on Reshaping education podcast

    Moe Abbas, CEO discusses modern apprenticeships on Reshaping Education Podcast

    Recently, Acadium CEO, Moe Abbas was a guest on the Reshaping Education Podcast by Ish Baid discussing how the world of gaining experience and progressing one's career is changing.

  • News

    Five businesses on Acadium looking for SEO help

    If you’re ready to apply your knowledge in the real world and prove what you’ve learned here are five mentors that are actively looking for digital apprentices on Acadium to help them with their SEO.

  • Social media mentors header

    Learn social media marketing: six opportunities on Acadium now

    If you’re interested in gaining more experience in social media marketing here are six potential mentors on Acadium right now looking for someone like you.