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Best sites to hire a social media manager 2022

Let Acadium profile your social media management needs. We’ll connect you to vetted social media managers from our pool of affordable marketing talent.


Figuring out the best site to hire a social media manager doesn’t have to be torture. We’ve made the process of sifting through the vast number of candidates in the market easier by talking through your requirements. Whether you're looking to hire a contractor or a team member, we'll make the entire process easier for you.

The entire process is quick and easy. Upon completion, we'll connect you vetted social media managers who match your needs as well as your budget. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll find social media marketers for you.

You can also select your preferred site by going through the research we’ve compiled. To do so, check it out below: 

15 best sites to hire a social media manager online

How to choose the right site to hire a social media manager

Knowing where to hire a social media manager is far from an easy task. Your online presence is paramount to your business’ success. This is all the more true for small business owners. For that reason, you should be careful with whom you entrust to carry out a social media strategy that will bring you the desired results. If you are an expert in recruiting, then the onboarding process is made easier. For those who don’t have that experience, there are different sites that offer some guidance on where you can find the right fit for your business. 

A good place to start looking for a social media expert is on none other than social media itself. Social media platforms like Linkedin,Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (albeit to a lesser degree) are teeming with professional social media strategists and influencers. Send out an ad via one of these social media channels with a clear job description detailing the project at hand. You can also search for candidates using each of the tool’s advanced search engines and filtering the results in accordance with the profile employee you’d like. 

Similarly, you can try out any one of the freelance platforms listed above. Marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Hubstaff Talent, among others, connect you with a host of freelancers who are willing to help you with your project. What’s more, you can do so with just one click. There, you can contract a freelancer to get on board with your social media strategy. However, while the platforms do facilitate hiring and payments, you are in charge of the selection and hiring process. That means that you will have the added responsibility of screening candidates, determining compensation, and a workflow

The same principle applies for ads placed on job boards like Working Nomads and Simply Hired. On such boards, you will have to handle the vetting and onboarding process. However, when done successfully, you will have gained a fantastic addition to your team. If, on the other hand, you don’t feel confident in your recruiting abilities, you shouldn’t use freelance platforms or job boards. 

Acadium is a platform that solves this problem. The company allows you to select the best graduates from their Accelerator program. Thanks to the rigorous yet comprehensive courses that this program features, you can rest assured knowing that their digital marketers are top class.

All in all, the platforms we have mentioned are helpful when it comes to bringing on a social media expert. With them, you will do best to search for the best experts in social media management. 

To help you decide on which site is right for you, there are some factors that will come into play: 

  • Your experience in recruiting a social media manager
  • The number of social media experts you need to onboard
  • How much experience each one brings to the job
  • The rates they offer to complete the project vs your own budget constraints
  • The timeline of your project (how soon do you need the job completed)
  • Their ability to provide you with a portfolio of their work
  • The need to test their skills
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For a more complete analysis, let Acadium profile your social media management needs. We’ll connect you to trained, experienced, and vetted social media managers who can help you, either as freelancers or employees.

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